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It can be too easy to overlook the wealth of imaginative possibilities with offline marketing. However, if you still need a bit of inspiration for your company’s next offline marketing campaign, here are a few good pointers. Remember that our printing services can help you to make these ideas reality.

Reflect your brand in its business cards

This is about more than just putting that company’s logo on its business cards. It’s about considering your company’s unique values and ethos and how they can be reflected on the cards.

Make sure your workers always have business cards to give away

You can never be certain when any of your employees might need to share their business details with a potential client.

Make sure marketing materials are easy to keep

Ideally, you don’t want a potential customer to simply immediately dispose of any marketing materials you send them.

Also keep these promotional materials practical for reading

When designing business cards, for example, make sure that the text isn’t so small that some less patient people could simply abandon trying to read it.

Don’t overlook the potential of distributing leaflets

Don’t mislead yourself into thinking that handing out leaflets is an outdated tactic. It’s an old marketing method, but it still works even in the age of the Internet.

Celebrate the festive season with your clients

Christmas cards are among the type of print materials we at GH CITYPRINT can provide for you to send to clients – past, present or potential – in December.

Include discounts in your materials to clients

By doing this, business blogger James Javier claims, you are “making clients feel privileged, while boosting leads and sales.”

Include online links in your print brochures

Don’t forget to include links to your company’s pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Your online efforts can then build upon your offline campaign.

Experiment with QR codes

You could place QR codes on your print materials, and allow potential customers to scan these codes with their smartphones to access exclusive online content – think videos, money-off vouchers, maybe even games.

Maintain a good sense of fun

If you have fun devising creative ideas for furthering your offline marketing campaign, potential clients and customers are likely to discern this and react more positively to your promotional efforts.