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Your business could offer plenty of awe-inspiring products or services, but that could count for little if you don’t do enough to get the word out about them. So, how can you do that when there are so many other companies also vying for attention? With the following thoughtful marketing tactics. Just a little creative thinking could take you surprisingly far this year!

Hold a live event

Putting on this kind of event can get lots of people excited. Perhaps it could be something small scale, like a barbecue or party, or something more formal and openly ambitious, such as a networking or product launch event. Whatever it is, you should ready some print promotional material for handing out to potential clients at the event. We would strongly recommend business cards – and here are some tips for how you can distribute those cards to the greatest effect.

Also, don’t worry if you’re inexperienced with organising corporate events. Simply setting up an event page on Facebook before sending invites to followers of your company’s Facebook page could be enough to attract considerable interest. Meanwhile, if the event will be ticketed, we definitely recommend turning to the event listings platform Eventbrite. This platform makes it easy for you to design a custom event page to encourage a better response to your invites.

Pay attention to your customers and cater to their needs

Of course, this reads like a common-sense practice for any business. However, we think it bears repeating as you just never know what a treasure trove of promotional potential you could stumble across during your routine of taking account of your customers’ wants. Consider, to start with, a wonderful story told by Business Know-How…

The story goes that Peter Shankman once tweeted Morton’s Steakhouse jokingly asking them to meet him with a steak at Newark Airport, where his plane was due to land. Willing to go the extra mile for Shankman, the company responded by actually sending someone to greet him with a Porterhouse steak. The story soon spread across the Internet, providing not only a good few chuckles for many casual Internet users but also lots of positive publicity for Morton’s Steakhouse.

Have a bit of a giveaway…

Well, who doesn’t like getting something for free? Or, perhaps we should quickly clarify, something good. Your company’s Facebook or Twitter portal could be especially suitable for letting everyone know that you’ll be handing out goodies. You could also use leaflets, printed out by us at GH CITYPRINT, to let everyone know that there’s a big promotion. But what goodies exactly will you hand out?

You don’t have to splurge too much; a batch of pens with your company’s logo on could set you back mere pennies. That’s also a great way of passing on your company’s contact details, though be warned that going too cheap could backfire. Pens that run out of ink quickly, for example, could lead too many people to associate your company with products built only for short term use.