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Business events provide your company with great opportunities to spread the word about what it offers and potentially even win new clients. Making the necessary positive impressions at corporate events, however, can be tricky without relevant know-how. Here are some of our own tips for delivering that “wow” factor.

Be picky with what business events to attend

Amanda Ebokosia, founder of The Gem Project, which helps young people to benefit from educational enrichment programmes, advises that, in order to “network with purpose”, you should assess major reasons to have to attend an event before you choose to attend it. That’s because your time is limited and so you have to spend it wisely for the best results.

Consider, for example, testimonials for previous events from the same organisers. Have other people like you found success at those events? Also, is the event’s structure to your liking? Perhaps it’s like a lecture programme, while you’d prefer something more sociable.

Be selective with who you present business cards to

We at GH CITYPRINT can swiftly but professionally produce a large volume of business cards for you to hand out at events. We can help with making those cards look good, but that’s only part of the story of how to impress with those cards. You also, for example, have to know the appropriate times to offer those cards.

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t aim to simply hand out business cards to as many people as you can find in the room. After all, productive networking is about forming strong, healthy relationships with people – and such relationships are never one-sided. Ebokosia advises that “you should take the time to listen as much as you take the time to speak” and that a business card, like a credit card, you should “give by connection not by sight”.

Increase your chances of a successful follow-up relationship

The biggest reason why you should follow this approach with business cards is that, if you have handed the card to someone you have formed a genuine connection with, there is a likelier chance of that person later getting back to you and continuing the professional relationship. Proud though we at GH CITYPRINT are of our attractive prices for printing, we also don’t want you to spend more on printing than you strictly have to. You won’t have to if you stick to giving cards only to people most likely to use them.