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The ability to skilfully pitch your services is absolutely vital in order to succeed. Some of that comes from practice, but its preparation that really matters. If you want to stand out from the ordinary, make sure you follow these tips.

Tell the story of your company

You need to capture people’s interest and see that they are fully engaged. This is hard to accomplish when you’re reeling off facts about your company. Instead, build a quick narrative that encompasses everything people need to know.

Tell people why you started your business, what problem you aimed to solve, and how you wanted to make your service different from what was currently available. That might sound like a lot of information. Strip it down to the essentials and keep your story to 60 seconds or less.

Highlight the benefits you provide

To put it simply, people don’t really care about things that aren’t of use to them. Instead of talking about the advantages of your services in general, make sure that you explain what you could do for this company in particular.

Go through your presentation and make a note of any point where you explain a feature of your business. Next, make sure that advantage is linked to a tangible benefit for the people you’re pitching to.

Make everything easy to read

When you’re laying out printed materials or PowerPoint presentations, remember not to clutter up the page with too much writing. People are more impressed by one idea presented clearly and simply.

You should also consider using one of the serif fonts, which have been proven to be easier for people to read. This might seem like a minor point, but you need to make sure that your materials are as easy to read as possible.

Use the best presentation materials

Finally, you need to make sure that your presentation materials are of the highest quality. The items that you give out will act as a reflection of your business, so it’s never worth scrimping on quality. Finding a company that can bring colour, class, and character to your materials is crucial to your success.

At GH CITYPRINT, we offer a whole range of different services to suit your pitch, from posters to brochures to business cards. If you require any printed materials, don’t hesitate to contact us today.